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Emmanuel Grandserre was the founder of 4icom in year 2000.

He has been working in the field of innovation since 1992.

He has studying the competition on the French Telecommunication market from since 1994.

He has been advising the Strategy Chief Officer of Citroën for more than seven years on telematics and IT fields

1995 – 1999 Senior Consultant in a Business Competitive Intelligence Group
1993 – 1994 Commercial Officer at the French Trade Commission in Seoul – South Korea
1992 – Graduated Electronics and Software Engineer (ENSEA – France) – Special course ESSEC (Second French Business School)

Main References :
Alcatel, Chronopost, Citroën, EDF, French Telecommunications Authority of regulation, Gemplus, France Telecom, Journal de l’Automobile, L’Oréal, Lever, Ministry of Research and Education, Net Value, Raychem,

Laurent Du Pasquier

-Majored in BA,Law and International Relations

-Has worked in 16 different countries, particularly in South East Asia and Latin America;
He speaks six languages fluently.

-Was employed as Senior Consultant, Zone Director and Head of the New-York Office at NOA,one of the largest Economic Intelligence and Business Surveys companies in the US

-Was MD of the French Chambers of Commerce in Portugal and the UK

Has covered more specifically the Utilities, IT services,Telecoms and Energy sectors as well as carrying many International Development and Export Management Projects

-Has been Senior Partner at 4ICOM since October 2001

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